Best Nachos

Just in time for Sunday’s big game, a review of the country’s best nachos. The Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition tasted chips and dips from 20 U.S. cities across the country and even one in Mexico. Editor Paula Szuchman visited “Weekend Today” with some of their favorites… Read More

Victims of Domestic Violence

One Kirkland man has worked hard to collect donations for victims of domestic violence this holiday season. Bill Henkens, owner of The Game Neighborhood Grill and Bar in Kirkland, said customers have donated $600 in gift cards and surpassed their goal by fulfilling 125 wish tags… Read More

Recognized by KCCADV

Bill Henkens, owner of Kirkland’s The Game Neighborhood Grill and Bar has been named a 2010 take action award winner… Read More

AWB (Association of Washington Business)

There are few more vulnerable people than the abused children and non-abusive parents who turn to the Eastside Domestic Violence Program for help. The Game Neighborhood Grill and Bar has made helping children and families of abuse a priority… Read More